Grazier Farm is a family owned and operated livestock and grain farm located in Southwest Iowa managed by Mary and Bill Beaman. Purchased in 1982, this farm has survived: the “Farm Crisis” of the eighties, a 1986 bank failure, the 1988 drought, the floods of 1993 (and several other years), the worldwide financial meltdown we are currently dealing with, and too many: fires, snow/ice storms, sore throats, banged-up vehicles and lost toys to mention. So we believe we are operating a “sustainable farming operation” and though it is often difficult, as the saying goes, “we're still here”.

We have no great desire to farm every farm in the neighborhood, traveling miles to farm thousands of acres as many do. We are content to take care of what we have, improve it, and raise good food for our consumers. Mary is a full time educator, Jeff works, off the farm, for an engineering firm, and Bill fishes, hunts, and plays with his grandchildren and  finds time to work, when forced to by Mary and Jeff. We raise cattle, sheep and chickens. We use a crop rotation including: oats, hay, corn and soybeans. We have always tried to avoid erosion and ground water pollution. This is a big challenge with a sometimes angry Hog Branch creek running right through the middle of our 320 acres.

Mary and I are especially proud of our community service to Extension, church and community. We are proud members of the Saint Patrick's church family of Lenox, Iowa.

We have been blessed with four daughters and one son and they in turn have blessed us with five grandsons and one granddaughter. Their health and prosperity is all we ask out of life.